CAVE GPS 52 46.930N 004 44.065W
SLATE WRECK GPS 52 46.975N 004 43.770W

Positions from 'The Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales'.

PEN Y CIL headland, the bay to the West and the coast on the Northern side of Bardsey sound provide spectacular diving with a choice of sites to suit all diving experience.  The sheltered bay is suitable for inexperienced divers with good boat cover.

The CAVE DIVE is interesting, unusual and adds that extra zip to a dive. There are two branches within the cave.  Entrance is best from the Estern end in good weather conditions.  Visibility is usually good and although a torch is helpful, it is not essential as the cave is fairly large and light from the exit can be seen in good conditions.  Strong currents can be present during spring tides and adverse weather. Although there can be a surge which takes divers into the cave, the worst scenario is that the diver is carried through and comes out the other end - providing the visibility is good!

The SLATE WRECK just off the headland is open to overfalls from the headland and can only be dived in slack neap tidal conditions.

CARREG DU is an isolated rocky island in Bardsey sound (not shown).  This provides excellend diving in all depths to experienced divers, with a rich variety of life and geology.  The Eastern side of the island can be dived even when the tide is ebbing in the sound as a sheltered eddy forms with a sheltered area of water.  Good boat cover is essential as if the diver leaves the shelter, he will be carried away by current.


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