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Welcome to the web-site. The site is a mix of technical advice on marine electronics, scuba diving information and projects I am involved with now or in the past. There are links to diving charter operators in North Wales and to special deals on diving equipment or electronic items such as the amazing high power diving torches. It contains maritime safety information and anything else I think could be useful. If you have suggestions for alterations or improvements please feel free to email me, but don't expect them to happen quickly as the site is edited as and when time permits.

Richard (that's me) is a degree qualified marine electrical and electronics engineer, lecturer in marine engineering and BSAC 1st Class Diver/Advance Instructor (formerly a commercial diver). I provides a quality consultancy service for pleasure and commercial vessels to both boatbuilders and owners. Equipment can be supplied or installation provided for a customer's own supply, allowing the customer to purchase at the best possible prices.  I give impartial advice on equipment suitability for customers unsure of their requirements and anyone due to purchase a pre-owned boat can ask for an electrical/electronic survey which can make them aware of potentially expensive problems prior to purchase. Complete electrical and electronic surveys can be undertaken in advance of boat purchase and full design specifications are provided for electrical systems and circuits of new vessels.  Consultancy is also provided for single and three phase low voltage industrial and domestic installations, including marinas with full design if necessary. Services include marine A.C. systems and power factor correction. Overseas visits are arranged as necessary.  Email your requirements for a quotation or look at the marine electronics fault-finding page for technical information if you are trying to solve problems yourself. Technical sections are under constant update and a selection of items can be found on the sales page. To initially contact me, please use the email links provided. If you are interested in studying full or part-time marine engineering courses, including marine electrics/electronics then look at local education & training facilities at the new marine studies centre of Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor at Pwllheli.

Facilities for Divers

LLYN DIVING SERVICES (me again) can provide compressed air and regulator service for divers.  New equipment, compressor service and local dive site information are also supplied. During the Summer, triple filtered clean air is available, but email first in case I am away diving. Benefit from North Sea Diving Industry service standards and have U.S. Divers 'Conshelf' regulators stripped, ultrasonic cleaned and overhauled using purpose made military service equipment. I am passionate about diving, so if I find something that looks good value or interesting, you'll find it in the links section. Email with any queries.

Local maritime history and a wealth of information can be found at can be found at Tony & Gwenllian's web-site . Here you will find a virtual museum of the sea with plenty of local flavour.

Email or look at local dive information if visiting the Lleyn Peninsular or visit Chris Holden's web-site where you can order 'The Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales'. (Also available on my sales page) Available in Volume 1, ' Barmouth to South Stack' and Volume 2, 'South Stack to Colwyn Bay'- Essential reading if you want launch sites, air fills & wreck coordinates. See also the latest book 'Life and death on the Royal Charter' by Chris and Lesley Holden. (Calgo Publications)

Check out the 10 Watt LED 100 metre diving torch I use one myself and the price is unbeatable at around 20% of what you would expect to pay - delivered direct to you in U.K. Other interesting items can be found at

Electronics Facilities, including Computer Repairs & Upgrades.

MARINE ELECTRONICS  has the capability to modify software programs stored on Eprom and to carry out VHF private channel programming. Software can be frequently be upgraded for improved function, eliminating software bugs not known at original launch date. Domestic and office computer systems are repaired and supported. Advice is available concerning autopilot problems and NMEA interfacing. See the marine electronics fault-finding page for suggestions in solving problems. Many special items required in solving interference and installation issues can be supplied and you can pay them for with Paypal - see link at bottom of page. Surplus and second-hand equipment is sometimes sold on . If you have second user marine equipment you wish to sell please email the details.

If you are receiving spoof or 'phishing' emails purporting to be from a bank or perhaps your Ebay account, you can find the I.P. address of the source computer from the email properties (right click to find) and type it into an I.P. locator engine to identify where the server is that is sending out the garbage. If you really feel angry, you could report it to the authorities of the country concerned.

Service can be provided for products of most major manufacturers including RAYTHEON, AUTOHELM, STOWE, SIMRAD, SHIPMATE, CETREK, FURUNO, VICTRON, LOWRANCE, ICOM, SMI etc.

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